Ingrid LaFleur



Afrofuturism is spiritual at its core.




Ingrid LaFleur is a curator, pleasure activist and Afrofuturist. Her mission is to ensure equal distribution of the future, exploring the frontiers of social justice through new technologies, economies and modes of government.

As a recent Detroit Mayoral candidate and founder and director of AFROTOPIA, LaFleur implements Afrofuturist strategies to empower Black bodies and oppressed communities through frameworks such as blockchain and universal basic income. Ingrid LaFleur is currently the Social Impact Advisor for Detroit Blockchain Center and curator of Manifest Destiny currently taking place at Library Street Collective in Detroit. 

As a thought leader, social justice technologist, public speaker, teacher and cultural advisor she has led conversations and workshops at Centre Pompidou (Paris), TEDxBrooklyn, TEDxDetroit, Ideas City, New Museum (New York), AfroTech Conference, Harvard University and Oxford University, among others. LaFleur serves on the board of JustSpace Alliance, Powerhouse Productions, and the Cooley ReUse Project. 

LaFleur is based in Detroit, Michigan. 


We need to be more to de-colonize our own minds...without doing that self-check, you’re likely going to do more harm than good.

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It's really important for us to remember how much power we have ... Humans made the system; humans can change the system.

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