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 How do we liberate and decolonize our mind body and soul. And what does it mean to decolonize? 

Decolonization is the process of becoming self-sovereign and this is where the power lies. It is the untangling of the colonizer’s limitations placed on our minds and bodies by unlocking and remembering the indigenous wisdom that lives within us all. Although the colonization process in United States began centuries ago, the tenants of colonization have been normalized and woven into the social, economic, cultural, and political fabric of our nation. The colonized mind controls what we eat, use for medicine, what we read, how we speak to each other, love each other, process our emotions and more. Every single part of our lives have been colonized with the intention of creating subordinates that have been assimilated into a system that only privileges a select few. 

Decolonize Your Destiny podcast helps to create the roadmap for new futures and explores liberating tools to increase our own power and self-determination.

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